About the Artist

I am, Brenda Karon Shade, a native of Texas. I have one daughter, two sons, two grandsons and four granddaughters and many meaningful memories.

I have designed a quilt from these many memories. For the past 16 years I saved all the scraps from my adorable granddaughter’s dresses, not knowing what I would do with them. After retiring in 2001, I knew I wanted to make a quilt for the girls using those scraps. I went through all the family pictures, looking for pictures of them in the dresses. I decided to make tiny replicas of each little dress and appliqué them on a background square. I have added detailed embroidery embellishments and put these squares together for a quilt. As I showed my idea to friends and quilt shop owners in my area, there was much interest in them and I was asked if I would sell these little patterns.

I thought, why not, I am retired now and have the time. So with the Lord’s help, and the patience of my husband, I began a faithful reproduction of these little dress patterns. I have a total of over 36 different patterns. Now I am making these patterns available to you to make an heirloom quilt of meaningful memories for you and your future generations to enjoy.

If you need further information please email me. I do teach classes on this quilt around my local area.

Have fun creating an heirloom quilt for you and your future generations to enjoy!

Email contact: apairofshades2@aol.com